The RISE Team


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Cheryl Cromwell, Parent Organizer

As RISE’s Parent Organizer, Cheryl oversees the operations of RISE’s Fellowship program. Under her leadership, the fellowship class size has successfully expanded from 12 to 50 fellows over the last 18 months. Cheryl is a visionary, much like her great-great-great-grandfather, who acquired 90 acres of land during Reconstruction in Charleston—land her family continues to live on to this day. An organizer of community projects focused on sustainability, she has spent her career supporting family business ownership, educational opportunities, historical awareness and job preparation. Her work experience spans from working with foster children in social services to addressing student behavior issues at an alternative school. Cheryl also served on the Charleston County Board of Zoning Appeals for five years and continues to work closely with her district representative to ensure access of services to constituents. Most recently, Cheryl worked at a Charleston public school, recruiting and training parents as educators in an effort to prepare preschool children for their education.